0. A New Democracy: Why the Party’s Over

This post provides an easy shortcut to the book chapters, and will be updated as they are written.  The chapter titles are links which will take you directly to the appropriate post.  Where chapters have been identified, but not yet completed, a short description of what the chapter will contain is likely to contain is provided.

Table of Contents


1. Foreword

2. About the author


Part 1.  Where are we now. The problem

Before we start to suggest solutions, it is vital that we understand the nature of the problem.  Only by properly understanding such can we propose appropriate solutions.  This section looks at the various aspects that make up our political system, to determine what could be improved.

3. People aren’t happy

4. The pursuit of profit

5. The role of government

6. Politics versus policies

7. The problem with problem solving

8. The problem with parties

9. The importance of independents

10. The role of the media

11. The electorate

12. The problem identified

Part 2. What is the future. A Solution

The key to determining a viable solution is that it can’t be too radically different from the current one, or it simply will never occur.

13. What are we actually voting for?

14. Leaders

15. Members of Parliament

16. Government 2.0

17. Pre-elections

18. Elections

Formation of Government

Formation of Cabinet

Formation of Opposition



Part 3. How can we get there. A Plan


About Steve Laing

Political observer, free thinker and problem solver, Steve contends that the current democratic processes have neither kept up to date with globalisation nor modern business practices, resulting in increasing dissatisfaction with modern politics. However, new technology could be used to not only reconfigure our system, but give the electorate even greater representation than was previously the case. For more background information on Steve, please check his LinkedIn profile.

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