Fit for free – an idea for Joondalup   Recently updated !

Exercise group CairnsI recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in northern Queensland.  Arriving in Cairns at dawn, we drove along the esplanade and saw groups of people doing early morning workouts.   What was surprising was that these organised sessions were provided by the Cairns free of charge, and it was great to see so many people take advantage of this.  Sometimes the first step in getting fit is the hardest, and whatever can be done to promote it has got to be good for the community.

All over the northern suburbs you’ll see lots of small businesses in our parks providing fitness classes.  Perhaps there is an opportunity to set up free weekly sessions for residents to help them get started on that road to fitness.  The chance of success is always increased when you do it with other people.  In return for providing these free sessions, the City could 1) allow those small fitness businesses lower/free rates for using the city facilities, 2) provide customers who through exposure might sign up for paid classes with those businesses and 3) give those businesses some free publicity through the various websites the city manages.

The benefit for the city is more services provided at no/low cost.

The benefit for the businesses is lowered costs, and a chance to increase their profile and customer base.

And the benefit for residents is they are encouraged to take advantage of the wonderful resources the City provides, and improve their overall health!  A win-win-win!


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