Walking the walk – nomination


So, there is no point just talking the talk, the idea is to walk the walk too.  One of the key factors in pushing for a better democracy is that some of use need to step up and get involved.  So here I am at step one, even though I’m not entirely sure what comes next…

Local elections are happening soon in WA, so step one has been to nominate as a candidate in my local ward (Central ward, in Joondalup, WA).  This is an opportunity to put some theories to the test, to see just what is possible without any kind of party mechanism or funding, to promote ones-self as a candidate.

To nominate is surprisingly simple.  Through the Western Australian electoral system website there is all the information you need to determine whether you are qualified to be a local councillor, and then how to apply. That part is easy too, with a web-based application development process (using the Nomination Builder wizard).  Enter your personal details, attach a recent photograph, and then you have 150 words to make your pitch to the electorate.   So far, quite easy.  With your printed form, that needs to be signed by a witness, and $80, you organise a meeting with your local Returning Officer, and that, I believe, makes me a candidate.

So, my meeting is on Wednesday morning, so I’ll provide an update once I know…

About Steve Laing

Political observer, free thinker and problem solver, Steve contends that the current democratic processes have neither kept up to date with globalisation nor modern business practices, resulting in increasing dissatisfaction with modern politics. However, new technology could be used to not only reconfigure our system, but give the electorate even greater representation than was previously the case. For more background information on Steve, please check his LinkedIn profile.

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