Another new fridge

We got our last new fridge in 2013. It wasn’t the one I personally wanted, but it apparently came with a long range of new features, and we were given a list of items that we were assured would be the same as our last fridge. And that was important to us.

Well it wasn’t long before we started to have problems. It turned out that some of those new features that we’d been promised were not as well developed as the brochure had implied, and the features that were going to be the same as the last model turned out to be just not the case at all. I complained to the salesman. Don’t worry he said. If you don’t like it, you can change it. Great, I said. When? In 2016, he replied. 2016? Are you kidding! Sorry, that’s the system.

When I went online, I found a lot of people that were having the same problem with the fridge that I was. And they weren’t happy. As time went by, it went from bad to worse. The savings that I was told I’d get, weren’t materializing. And it was getting noisier and noisier. And then the leaking started. And the complaints on the Internet were getting louder and louder. Something had to give!

And suddenly, the manufacturer has decided to replace our current fridge with a new one.  Why now, I asked. Surely in a year I get a chance to pick a new one! Well, they said, we think if we give you this one now, you’ll be more likely to keep this one when you get to choose next year, and not the one from that other brand because you just can’t trust that brand.

We’d had the other brand in 2010. It had a few issues, but largely it seemed to work ok. However the newspapers weren’t big fans. Apparently the way that we’d had this model given to us wasn’t the right way of doing things, and one of the features wasn’t as it had been described. (Well, it was if you read the whole feature description, but apparently we should only be judging on the sub-header). Anyway there was a lot of noise, and apparently this fridge was so terrible that we were in mortal danger of going broke if we didn’t change it, so it wasn’t surprising that it looked like we were going to get a new model in 2013.   Six months before though, that manufacturer also gave us a new model too. They used the same reason too. That change didn’t work for them at all…

It’s a bit ironic. The main reason the current brand told me that their brand was better than the other brand was because it wouldn’t just change its model unannounced. Apparently if there is one thing consumers hate it’s when manufacturers decide which fridge consumers get. But now they’ve now gone and done that exact same thing, and apparently its now Ok. But really, four fridges in four years?   And whilst I know that there are plenty of models out there, I can only get the one that the manufacturer decides I’m allowed.

Is it any wonder that people don’t trust fridges. However, the thing that people seem to miss, is that the problem isn’t the fridges. It’s the manufacturers…

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Political observer, free thinker and problem solver, Steve contends that the current democratic processes have neither kept up to date with globalisation nor modern business practices, resulting in increasing dissatisfaction with modern politics. However, new technology could be used to not only reconfigure our system, but give the electorate even greater representation than was previously the case. For more background information on Steve, please check his LinkedIn profile.

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